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This isn't a get rich quick scheme. But if you can follow instructions and are willing to work hard for 20+ hours a week, you should see some income within 30 days, and be able to quit your day job within a year or less, and probably make a better living on the Internet than what you make now. You CAN work from home to build a web empire in your spare time, and make money online.

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So, you want to quit your day job...

You are not alone. According to one of my favorite search tools, "make money" was typed in 160,723 times in the last month. There are a lot of people wanting to make money working at home on the Internet. Hundreds of thousands are already doing it. I am one of them. I started part-time while I still had a regular day job. I have been making a better than average living on the Internet for seven years now, and quit my day job a long time ago.

Making money working at home is a great way to make a living. You don't have to put up with the 8 to 5, Monday through Friday rigid schedules most companies require. You don't have to deal with hard-nosed bosses and snotty coworkers. You don't have to get up early to make long commutes to work, giving half your paycheck to the babysitter who is watching your children grow up, and spending more of your paycheck on work clothes and gas to go to work. You can take time off for doctor appointments, your children's activities, or vacations whenever you want. There IS a better way to make a paycheck, and we are going to show you how. But...

Don't quit your day job just yet

I'm not telling you to rush out and quit your day job. In fact, my advice is DON'T. This is NOT a get rich quick plan. It will require hard work to be successful on the Internet, just as it does in the real world. And it won't happen overnight. How fast it will happen will be proportional to the amount of effort you put into it, especially in the beginning. And how soon you begin your master plan. The first step is to jump in there and BEGIN.

It can be hard finding a legitimate job working at home for someone else, that will actually pay the bills. There are a lot of companies that are willing to sell you information lists that claim to have companies looking for work at home employees or sub-contractors to work on the Internet from home. My own opinion is that the only one who makes a living with this method is the person selling you the information. Even if you are lucky enough to find an offer that is legit, weren't you trying to get away from the concept of doing boring, repetivie tasks, kow-towing to a boss and meeting strict deadlines?

There are better ways to earn a living on the Internet.

Start Your Own Home Business

work at homeYou can start your own home business in Internet Publishing writing about subjects you are passionate about and providing related products or services that fill a need for others who are also interested in that subject. You can sell advertising space to other companies on your information web site.

You can open your own e-Commerce store or sell products on online auction sites like e-Bay . Better yet, do both.

You can sell information products that solve someone's problem.

You can sell internet related services like web design, code programming, software development, search engine optimization, web hosting, and a variety of other services related to the Internet.

You can earn commissions selling other people's products with affiliate programs.

You can do any of these jobs, and more, while setting your own schedule to fit with your lifestyle goals, and without a lot of start-up cash.

Finding a niche in the marketplace is not as hard as it would seem, and after an initial period of hard work establishing your business, you will work less hours than the grueling 40 hours a week most employers require.

But, in the beginning, you WILL have to work hard. You will have to treat your Internet venture as a real Part-Time Job, not a hobby. You will have to make a schedule of time you will set aside to work on your new venture, and stick to it. There will be a moderate to steep learning curve, depending on how long you've been on the Internet. But we are here to show you the way. We will teach you what it took us months to learn in a few dozen hours, because now we know where to find the information you'll need. We know what works, and what doesn't, and we are going to pass that information on to you.

If you will apply what you learn as you go, you will reap the rewards of the rapidly growing number of people who are happily making money working from home!

Take the most important step you will ever make to secure your future. Click the Getting Started link and BEGIN NOW. It's time to start building your web empire . In web lingo, we call this Virtural Real Estate, or VRE. Think of each domain you own as a web property. You will build your web empire one property at a time. No more excuses, you've procrastinated long enough. Let's get started on your first web property RIGHT NOW!

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